Our Favorites

Photo Credit - Arielle Peters

When it comes to our favorite vendors we take it seriously, so we take a very different approach,

we find them.  

We look hard at their work, study their social media and visit their shops unknown. It's all about us getting to know them and their work before they know who we are. 


You will see a few up-and-coming artisans on our list along with those that are more seasoned.  We are huge in providing opportunities to young professionals as they possess the raw talent that will set the trends for the coming years.  


We invite you to choose one of our favorites or pick your own.  It’s always your choice!













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Cale Carmichael

Image by Scott Warman

OUR STORY - Wine can be a forgotten craft at weddings, we are going to change that! 


Two years ago, we set out to create an elevated wine program that was specific to you, your event and your food by utilizing small production wines.  Small production wines are of the highest quality, they come from exclusive vineyards that do not mass produce.  This takes a tremendous amount of work and is a constant job to keep yourself supplied. 

Etre Farms - Sommelier
Owner - Lighthouse Wine Shop

We spoke with many sommeliers around the Midwest looking for the right blend of deep knowledge but also logistics ability.  Believe it or not the wine professional that was heads above everyone else was Cale Carmichael located right in Saint Joseph.  


Cale had just opened the “Lighthouse Wine Shop” three miles from our venue.  We just stopped in for a bottle and talked for the next  three hours.  We knew when we left, we had found someone special. 


When Cale set up a wine tasting to pick some of our house wines, he was able to have suppliers provide almost 100 bottles.  It’s this above and beyond way of doing things that makes him the perfect partner and who we call our in-house sommelier.

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Nicholas Joseph

Your Day, Your Style, A Perfect Fit.


Custom Made for You to Keep

We create your Perfect Look and handle all the details…you live in the moment.

Your perfect look and fit from an experienced team with the best luxury Italian fabrics: Zegna, Loro Piana, & more.

Custom for the cost of a few rentals.

Our Designers have been trained in Biella, Italy.  They're experts, our competition cannot say the same.

Your body is unique and needs a garment that fits it perfectly.

We take 24+ measurements, along with shoulder and posture notes and photos for our Master Tailor.

Relax and tour our showroom: The scotch is on us.  No high pressure sales, ask our clients, it's just not our style.

You will be in the limited company of Chicago's top families, industry leaders, and athletes with our true custom shirts and Chicago made bespoke suits.

Best Choice
More to come!