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Three popular wedding styles that are perfect for spring

We finally made it through the first part of 2020. The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping. Most importantly (in our humble opinion), the spring wedding season is officially underway.

We all know that the pandemic hit the wedding industry and couples everywhere hard. We saw many couples forced to push their original wedding dates to a much later date, couples who opted to elope, and others who had to make the difficult decision to cut half of their guest count.

Although we will likely feel the residual impacts of COVID-19 on the wedding industry for years to come, that doesn’t mean weddings are stopping. On the contrary, we are instead seeing an influx of new trends focusing less on “bigger,” more elaborate weddings and more intentionality and intricate details. Springtime means pastels and florals, but many other beautiful details that couples can lean into while wedding planning.

If you are a couple looking to tie the knot during the beautiful spring season, keep reading for a short and sweet breakdown of popular spring wedding trends.

Photo by Alana Lindenfeld Photography

1. Bold & Colorful Florals

In nature, Spring is the season of growth, new birth, and budding foliage. We like to think that all weddings, particularly weddings held in the spring, also represent similar feelings as couples embark on a new marital journey together. Because Spring carries such strong ties to flowers, nature, and greenery in general, wedding trends during this season tend to follow suit.

In color terms, pastels, bold, and warm tones are popular for spring weddings. This year is similar in trend, as we continue to see bright or tropical flowers growing in popularity. Further, the most popular style this spring is deemed the Enchanted Garden Style.

The Enchanted Garden Style is in full effect, and you have probably noticed the trend all over social media. This style encompasses precisely what you picture in your mind when hearing the words “Enchanted Garden,” i.e., overflowing greenery, colorful blooms, flower walls, floral chandeliers, and twinkle lights. Head over to Pinterest to see an endless stream of examples.

For a less “trendy” style option, we recommend incorporating accents of palm fronds, blushing bride protea, and orchids for a neutral look but with a splash of Springtime color.

2. Small Guest Count

Although not as drastic as we saw in 2020 regarding the decrease in wedding size, weddings in 2021 will likely remain smaller (i.e., under 150 headcounts).

This trend is seen across the board in the wedding industry right now, and most couples are loving the more “dinner party style” vibe as it is more intimate and casual. Because of the smaller guest count, most guests are more likely to have a close relationship with the couple, which is excellent for enjoyable conversation among the wedding attendees.

The smaller guest count also leads to a newer design trend that works with any style: a living room-style vibe. This style includes throw pillows, aesthetically pleasing but comfortable couches, and cozy blankets, giving guests more opportunities to conversate.

There are also a few more benefits to a smaller guest count besides more intimacy and less fuss. Particularly with entertainment, the more relaxed but formal environments don’t need a ten-person band. Instead, most planners recommend a style of entertainment more pleasant for an intimate wedding like acoustic performances or 3-5 person bands.

Photos by Alana Lindenfeld Photography

3. Outdoor/Scenic

The location of your wedding is by far one of the most important decisions you can make as a couple. Your venue location will be the background to memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. We are forecasting the continued popularity of outdoor weddings for Spring 2021 and into Spring 2022.

Whimsical locations dominate the wedding-style space during the spring season when flowers are in full bloom and trees are green with life. Couples with smaller guest counts will also find that smaller weddings provide more flexibility and are more agile to plan. A smaller headcount is usually a must if you are on the market for a more unique or scenic location.

Further, we see couples opting for an outdoor wedding due to COVID-19 regulations and safety concerns. Honestly, it is hard to go wrong with an outdoor wedding trend. What is better than exceptional spring weather and more room for drinks, dancing, and celebrations?

4. All-Inclusive

Wedding experts are also noticing an uptick in the popularity of all-inclusive wedding venues, and for a good reason. A full-service venue, Etre Farms, essentially makes wedding planning intentional and less stressful than a more traditional wedding venue where couples must hand select different vendors, wedding planners, entertainment, etc.

In addition to all-inclusive services, Etre’s Farms has on-site wedding planners, an onside florist, custom rentals, a world-renowned chef, and a custom graphic and web design team. The venue also has two floral fridges on the property, ensuring all floral arrangements remain fresh and ready.

Locations like Etre Farms make an excellent choice in the venue if you want the option to make any style of a wedding come to life- indoor/outdoor, traditional/trendy, modern/classic, etc. Further, Etre Farms offers beautiful indoor and outdoor options, so regardless of what style couples are opting for this Spring, there are endless options.

Nothing says wedding planning in 2021, like the ease of having a full-service team to walk you through planning one of the most memorable days of you and your partner’s life.

*Check out our post here for a more detailed breakdown of everything you need to know about all-inclusive weddings.

When it comes to popular wedding trends or styles, make sure that the direction aligns with your taste and your identity as a couple. When in doubt, discuss it with a trusted friend or wedding planner. Consider the season of wedding planning the ideal moment to focus on what is most important to you both as a couple. Be intentional. Whether the wedding selection is nontraditional or traditional, it should be refreshingly you.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are here to help!

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