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J & N Studios

We are here to support the unique vision you have for your wedding day. While you value the traditions of the past you seek to create new ones of your own and to celebrate your love in style, grace and carefree exuberance.

Our inspiration comes not from the trends of an insular industry or forced style for the sake of “keeping on brand”, but from a genuine relationship with our couples.


I am the lead photographer of J&N Studios. I have the distinct privilege of photographing the greatest moments of my couples’ lives for over 15 years and I would be honored & thrilled to capture yours! 

I have a background in architecture and interior design by education, but I intentionally chose photography to meld my love of people, art, architecture, travel and experiences that have touched my life. Having both the technical & artistic expertise of lighting & composition, I use that knowledge to highlight the unique style, feeling & authentic moments that are all part of a wedding day celebration. 


I am wedding photographer for the classic bride. I am a city girl at heart, who has an addiction to J.Crew and Kate Spade. I’m proud to be from Detroit (Go Tigers!), and it will always be the place I call home no matter where I am. My taste in music basically consists of Taylor Swift albums on repeat, and I have a crazy, unhealthy love for donuts. I’m a newlywed and I just adore my husband even though he says I laugh at my own jokes a little too much. I am unashamedly a crazy dog lady, and my Golden Retriever Stella is my best friend!

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Niki Marie Photography
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I'm a Chicago wedding photographer, I've been lucky enough to have clients across the country, and of course at home.

I'm all about "curated candids"--making sure those authentic interactions are being caught with intentionality: perfect lighting, a clear background, and sharp focus.

Taking beautiful photos is literally my job title--if I can't do that, I shouldn't call myself a wedding photographer. I care about getting to know you and providing the best client experience you could possibly hope for. Maybe even better.

Alana Lindenfield Photography

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"Hi there! My name is Arielle Peters and I've had the privilege of capturing my couples special days since 2010! And after 150+ "I do's" captured, it still never gets old! 

I'm based out of Northern Indiana but love to travel for destination weddings! When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me with my husband and two young kiddos, or at the local coffee shop with girlfriends.

My main focus for my photography is to make sure someday when your grandchildren are looking at your wedding album, that they can sense the love and excitement you both had on your day. So it's important to me to make your photos timeless and classic, while showcasing your

joy to be marrying your best friend! One of the ways we'll achieve this is by creating a good relationship leading up to your wedding. Through a consultation and then engagement shoot, we'll be able to get to know each other so that at your wedding I'm able to come in as a friend celebrating with you both. I value our relationship and love continuing it even after the wedding is over!

I can't wait to hear about your love story and work together to create lasting memories!"

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Arielle Peters 

Hi, hello!

Your photographer here! I’m a wife (of 9 years!) and a Mom of two boys - Sawyer & Sutton. They are my why.

I spent many years in the corporate world until I became a Mother.

That very moment changed it all. I left behind comfort and security to pursue one of my biggest life dreams; photography and entrepreneurship - and I’ve never felt so alive.

I’m inspired by people and their stories; laughter and love; white space and simplicity; color and light. It’s my mission to document your most treasured moments with clean, colorful, & classic imagery. My style reflects that of which inspires me.

This crew here below? Yeah, they’re all mine! And we just completed our family with a Petite Goldendoodle! Our hearts are full.

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Laurenda Marie Photography

I'm a WEDDING & PORTRAIT photographer, serving Joyful Brides in Michigan & Beyond!  I didn't always have dreams about starting my own photography business, but I've always had a passion for art. I didn't discover my love for photography until my late 20's.   From the moment I held my first digital camera, I was captivated. The concept of capturing lasting memories for other people was so inspiring, in that moment I first held a camera, and that passion is the driving force behind my business. When I'm not photographing your gorgeous wedding or editing your dreamy images, I'm usually spending time with my children, out on a run, watching sports, playing board games, or spending quality time with friends.  

Michigan Born and Raised.  I point to my hand to tell people where I'm from, I play Euchre, drink Faygo Pop, eat Kellogg Cereal, and have an irrational hatred for the State of Ohio (BIG MICHIGAN WOLVERINES FAN). 



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Chris Kimball Photography

Hey, I’m Hannah

I grew up in Holland, Michigan. I always

thought I was a Midwest girl destined for

the big city. I spent my first year after college in New York City working as the Creative Director for a startup in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship. However, it inspired me to return to my roots, prepared to build my own independent photography business.

HZ Photography has grown from a family and friends hearsay to a flourishing business sharing my passion from the signature sand dunes of Holland, Michigan to the waterfalls and volcanoes of Hawaii. My business philosophy is focused on capturing raw moments, encouraging confidence and most importantly having fun.

Engagement & Wedding sessions capture a long awaited day filled with intimate moments, love and the people who mean the most. HZ Photography’s wedding philosophy is that preparedness is key to a flawless, well documented day. We hope

to give our clients the ability to live fully in

the present, cherish the small moments,

and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Hannah Ziegler Photography

Greetings! Not every career can be born from a favor, for this I am lucky. The extent of my formal training is a borrowed camera and Photo 101 class in the twilight of university. Life brought me to Japan, and with it a new love of photography, documenting my experience abroad through an inherently natural medium. After relocating to Chicago in 2008, at a friend's request I was documenting my first wedding, and my future couldn't have been more clear. 

I spent years, and will continue to spend more, marrying a natural eye for moments and details with a trained attention on portraiture. I love taking portraits, it's something I'm refined at and is ultimately my strength. However, I get to steal 

moments and tell a story every wedding, and it's the most rewarding form of photography. Harmony in all three facets of my style, I believe you will in consistent and vivid imagery.

Your wedding is as personal a joyous night you will have in your life, and my service is as important as any photo I can take. I preach flexibility, professionalism, expertise and personality at every turn, I'm there for you. Every wedding is an honor to share in, the stories are always my favorite part, so I make sure you get to keep your own. Above all, I'm not above throwing your mink stole on and getting back to work...

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Kent Drake
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Hey all! So nice to meet you! We’re Josh and Andrea Caton, a Husband and Wife Photographer Tag-Team who serve and live in the West Michigan area! We are passionate about not only being your “Wedding” photographers but also your “Marriage” photographers! We can’t wait to cheer you on throughout your entire wedding experience; from the first moment we meet with you, all throughout your booking process, to your gorgeous engagement shoot, and all the way through to your wedding day!


As a Wedding photography “tag-team,” we’ve both served and learned under the same mentors and teaching, which means that while Andrea spends the morning with the beautiful bride to be, Josh will be hanging out with the guys as we both capture your day

j&a-0002 2.jpg

through different lens while still creating the same joyful, timeless style J&A is known for! We are so excited for you as you begin this journey towards your wedding day!


Oh, and last but not least, just in case you haven’t been told yet: Marriage is the absolute best! You and your fiance are going to love it! All our best! 


J + A

Josh & Andrea Photography
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