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Photo Credits - Slicks Sweets

Slicks Sweets

I  am so happy you’re here! I’m Vickie—baker, creator, and face behind Slick’s Sweets. This all started with a 4-year-old’s dream of having an elaborate mermaid cake, and an over ambitious DIY mama. I made my first cake in May 2019 while on maternity leave with my third baby girl. Before I knew it, my days were filled with baking, my counter tops (and hair) were covered in flour, and I found Joy in a new gift I never knew I had.

I currently have four children, and it has been such a blessing to run Slicks Sweets from home while juggling being a mom and wife. Most of my days are filled wit chaos, cookies, and cakes and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

It truly is a passion of mine to bake, design, and create every single order. I take great pride in the fact that my clients trust me to provide them not only beautiful but delicious desserts for special occasions in their lives. My hope is that my cakes and cookies will bring a smile to you and your loved ones faces when you order from Slick’s Sweets.

Talk to you soon, 


Andrea Smith (Jackson)

pastry chef.  sugar artist.  baking mama.

Hello! My name is Andrea and I am the face and baker behind Violet Flour Bakes. Violet Flour Bakes is a rebrand of Andrea Bakes! 


 I started my home baking business in the summer of 2020 when I lost my head-decorating position at a bakery due to the global pandemic. At the time I was newly engaged, pregnant and knew I had to do something to support my little growing family. I put everything I had in my savings into starting "Andrea Bakes" in my small apartment kitchen. My business grew faster than I could ever imagine and I've decided to rebrand to better represent myself, my style, my passion, and why I started my home business in the first place. I started it all for my daughter, Leila who's birth flower is the Violet. 

I have loved art and baking ever since I was a child baking with my aunts and grandmas. When I got older, I decided to pursue my passions as a career and went to The Culinary Institute of Michigan where I received my associates degree in baking and pastry arts. I worked for 2 years at a local bakery, "The Oven Mitt" under Tracy Allen where I learned most of my decorating skills. 

Now I am building my dream career at home while taking on life as a new mommy and soon to be wife. 


I love all things crafty and creative and absolutely love experimenting with new recipes and techniques. My goal is to create edible art that actually tastes amazing! 


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